Dave L Cash Video Link

Dave L. Cash

Sponsor Obligations

Want to know more about the roles and responsibilities of each entity associated with community schools in Ohio – click here and watch this video to learn about the Ohio Department of Education’s role, the sponsor’s role, governing authority member roles and management company roles.

Brian Dunbar Video Link

Brian Dunbar

Compliance Assessment Process

Curious about the various compliance processes that may be used at your school to check compliance with rule, law and the community school contract – check out this video

Tammie Osler Video Link

Tammie Osler

Public Records Law

Tired of hour long public records law training – click here to watch a short video on public records law and meet part of your yearly training requirement.

Tammie Osler Video Link

Tammie Osler Video Link

Tammie Osler

Efficient & Effective Meetings

Effective Governance

Need to meet your yearly opening meeting law training requirement – watch these 2 short videos that cover open meetings law and much more!

Christine Burke and Susan Scarponi Video Link

Christine Burke & Susan Scarponi

Special Education

The need to know about special education including a brief history of the evolution of special education in Ohio.

Krissy Machamer Video Link

Krissy Machamer


How does St. Aloysius hold its sponsored schools accountable? Watch this short video to find out.

Michelle D’Amico Video Link

Michelle D’Amico

Federal Programs

Have questions about federal programs and funding to your schools – click here and watch this short presentation.

Carla Issac Video Link

Carla Issac

Data Reporting

What data is your school reporting and why? Check out this short video to learn more.