Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Sponsor Oversight and Evaluation

2.1 New Community School Contract Process

2.2 New Community School Contract Rubric Review Process

2.3 Community School Contract Modification

2.4 Community School Probation Process

2.5 Community School Suspension Process

2.6 Community School Termination and Non-Renewal Process

2.7 Community School Contract Renew and Update Process

2.8 New Community School Start-up Process

3.1 Comprehensive Onsite Review Process

3.2 Opening Assurances Process

3.3 Annual Compliance Onsite Review Process

3.4 Special Education Monitoring and Onsite Review Process

3.5 Governing Authority Membership Monitoring Process

3.6 ODDEX Calendar Review Process

3.7 School Transportation Monitoring Process

3.8 School Annual Report Monitoring Process

3.9 Corrective Action Plan Process

3.10 School Complaint Process

3.11 Technical Assistance Process

3.12 College and Career Readiness Monitoring and Onsite Review Process

3.13 School Closure Process

3.14 Onsite Assistance Review Process

3.15 Enrollment and Attendance Monitoring Process

3.16 School Policy Monitoring and Change Process

3.17 Collection of High School Graduation Data Process

3.18 Management Company Evaluation Process

4.1 Audit Monitoring Process

4.2 Monthly Enrollment and Financial Review Process

4.3 Five-Year Forcast and Annual Budget Monitoring Process

4.4 Federal Programs and Consolidation Grants Monitoring Process

5.1 Annual Academic Intervention Process

5.2 Academic Coach Credential Review Process

5.3 Comparison Schools DORP Selection Process

5.4 Comparison Schools Non-DORP Selection Process

6.1 Governing Authority Training Process

8.4 At-a-Glance Report Process