Our Vision

The vision of Charter School Specialist is to help schools reach and exceed agreed-upon expectations so that all students, throughout the state of Ohio, have access to high-performing public community schools.

Our Mission

Charter School Specialists is a team of qualified, dedicated professionals who support public community schools by providing strong monitoring, oversight and technical assistance to a portfolio of high-performing schools. We will support a strong learning culture in all schools that ensure student and school success. Our services will add value by providing high-quality sponsorship and community school support. We will deliver these services with professionalism, empathy, and competence in a customer-focused manner. Our customers will seek CSS based on our track record of support and success, our uniqueness in implementation and our shared vision of a partnership to help schools reach and exceed agreed-upon expectations.

Our Values

Customer Relationships

Servant Leadership

Embracing Change

Ownership / Accountability


Disruptive Innovation