Dave L. Cash Jr.


Brian Dunbar

Compliance Department Lead & Director of Compliance

Porsche Chisley

School Improvement Team Lead & Director of School Improvement

Tammi Osler

General Counsel

Steve Schultheis

Financial Operations Department Lead & CFO

Frank Stoy

Operations Coordinator

LaShawn Terrell

School Improvement Coordinator

Jacci Gilliland

Operating Procedures Manager

Lisa Beiderman

Assistant Treasurer

Male Team Memeber

Bob Lotz


Dr. Christine Burke

Vice President of Special Education

Joni Hoffman

Operations Coordinator

Delores Junior

Northern Ohio Regional Representative

Dan Lamb


Dr. Delores Morgan


Susan Scarponi

Director of Special Education Program Compliance

Kerry Jupina

Director of College and Career Readiness

Angie Mann

Education Program Assistant

Kim Dunlap

Fiscal Support Specialist

Barb Murphy


Carla Isaac

Director of Special Projects

Nannette Sherman

Director of Federal Programs & School Improvement Coordinator

Ashely Stone

Assistant Project Manager

Carol Dimoff

Office Manager

Susan Scarponi