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St. Aloysius Orphanage
Charter School Specialists has been contracted by St. Aloysius Orphanage to provide sponsorship services to the schools under their community school sponsorship.

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Sponsored Schools 

  • Akros Middle School
  • Bella Academy of Excellence
  • Broadway Academy
  • Capella Institute (The)
  • Cliff Park Academy
  • Colonial Prep. Academy
  • Cornerstone Academy
  • East Branch (Wright Prep)
  • East Prep. Academy
  • Edge Academy
  • Euclid Prep
  • Everest High School
  • Franklinton Prep. Academy
  • Green Inspiration Academy
  • Groveport Community School
  • Harrisburg Pike C.S.
  • Harvard Avenue Perf. Acad.
  • Hope Academy Northcoast
  • Invictus High School
  • Kids Care Elementary
  • Klepinger Community School
  • Lake Erie International HS
  • Liberty High School
  • Life Skills Center of Cincinnati
  • Life Skills Center of Columbus N
  • Life Skills Center of Columbus SE
  • Life Skills Center of Dayton
  • Life Skills Center of Elyria
  • Life Skills Center of Northeast OH
  • Life Skills Center of Youngstown
  • Life Skills High School of Cleveland
  • Lincoln Preparatory Academy
  • Lorain Preparatory Academy
  • Madison Avenue School of Arts
  • Madisonville SMART Elem. School
  • Marshall High School
  • Middlebury Academy
  • Monroe Prep
  • Mound Street Academies
  • Newbridge Math & Reading Prep.
  • Orchard Park
  • Patriot Academy
  • River Gate High School
  • South Columbus Prep
  • Southwest Ohio Prep
  • STAR Academy of Toledo
  • Sullivant Avenue C.S.
  • The Haley School
  • Towpath Trail HS
  • West Prep. Academy
  • Zenith Academy East
  • Zenith Academy West

Our Services

Sponsorship (Authorizer) Services

  • Charter School Regulation Guidance

    Charter school regulation comes from the state revised code and administrative code statutes. As your authorizer, Charter School Specialists can assist your school in maintaining compliance with these requirements.

Monitor State Reporting Services

Charter School Specialists has the expertise to monitor and review the status of data in each of the following systems to assist schools in completing each required task timely and accurately.

In Ohio, Charter School Specialists' State Reporting Staff can help your school with:
  • School Options Enrollment System (SOES)
  • Education Management Information System (EMIS)
  • Education Monetary Assistance Distribution (EMAD)
  • Federal Low Income Count System (FLICS)

Fiscal Reviews

Charter Schools are educational institutions that are operated independently and much like a small business entrepreneur. Budgets, projections, purchasing procedures, and audits are a part of this landscape. To date few charter schools have closed due exclusively to poor academic performance, however more have closed due to poor fiscal performance. Charter School Specialists will conduct, at a minimum, bi-monthly reviews of your financial reports to help your school stay on track.

Guidance and Oversight for Corrective Action Plans

Corrective Action Plans are vital to ensure that any violations or areas of weakness are corrected efficiently and effectively. Charter School Specialists can provide guidance and oversight to ensure that your school's Corrective Action Plans, if needed, fix the problem right the first time.

Regional Provider for Local Professional Development Committee

As a Regional Provider for a Local Professional Development Committee, Charter School Specialists can assist your teachers in tracking their professional development, creating their Individual Professional Development Plans, ensure timely renewal of licensure, and ensure high quality professional development is made available to the its' members.

School Compliance Assessments

Charter schools have been released from some of the operating standards that govern traditional schools in exchange for a higher level of accountability. Charter schools still face a daunting list of state revised code and administrative code statutes. Our experts perform ongoing site visit reviews and provide an expert assessment of your school's current compliance with all charter school statutes. Charter School Specialists can provide you with all the technical assistance necessary to achieve 100% compliance with charter school requirements. Many new schools have already taken advantage of our comprehensive compliance assessments and have found it to be an integral part in preparing for their authorizer's formal site visits.

School Improvement Planning Assistance

Improving the public education system is what charter schools are all about and as your authorizer; Charter School Specialists will provide school improvement planning assistance to promote the success of your students, teachers, and school.

Technical Assistance

Charter School Specialists has provided technical assistance to nearly 80 schools in Ohio and nationally in all phases of operation. Whether your needs are in pre-operations, early operations, or ongoing; our staff has the experience to provide the technical support you need to be successful.

Charter School Contract Review and Recommendations

Charter School Specialists has significant experience reviewing charter school contracts for developers and authorizers. Charter School Specialists can provide the necessary recommendations for changes and enhancements to developers; and provide the necessary guidance to authorizers regarding charter school proposals.

Opening Assurance Evaluation

Know that you have everything in place when you open your doors by allowing Charter School Specialists to be your authorizer and conduct an Opening Assurance Evaluation. Our expert knowledge of state revised code and administrative code statutes will ensure that your school is in compliance from day one.

Professional Development Training

Keep your teachers and staff up-to-date as Charter School Specialists facilitates Professional Development Training with speakers that are experts in their field. We provide training opportunities that include: enrollment requirements, state data reporting requirements, board operations, fiscal management/reporting, Federal Title Program planning, academic accountability, special education coordination, Blood Bourne pathogens, CPR/First Aid, and much more to meet your needs.

Representation at Board Meetings

Charter School Specialists will attend your board meetings and be there to assist your board in proper meeting operations, as well as, offer necessary guidance when needed to enable your board to work efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of your students.

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