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2016 Sponsor Renewal Reports

Charter schools, known as community schools in Ohio, are public schools that operate autonomously of any other authority than the school itself, as represented by its governing authority or board.

The board is one of three key factors in charter school structure, along with the staff of the school, which may be administered directly by the board or provided through various operating arrangements, and the sponsor, a dedicated oversight and assurances body that holds autonomous community schools accountable to their basic commitment established in their charter to operate.

In fulfilling our important role in this system, St. Aloysius and Charter School Specialists subscribe to the three core principles and six performance standards developed in coordination with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), the Ohio Association of Charter School Authorizers (OACSA) and the requirements of Ohio law.

The three core principles for sponsors (or authorizers) are:

  • maintaining high standards for schools,
  • upholding school autonomy, and
  • protecting student and public interests.

The six standards for sponsors include:

  • providing technical assistance to schools,
  • oversight and evaluation of schools,
  • a commitment to quality authorizing and improving our capacity as sponsors of schools,
  • a thorough and transparent application process,
  • performance contracting, and
  • rigorous renewal processes.

Community schools play a crucial and fulfilling role in one of the most important services provided to our youth. The following renewal reports provides an Ohio-specific guide to charter school renewal and the evaluation of the sponsored school's performance:

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