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St. Aloysius Orphanage
Charter School Specialists has been contracted by St. Aloysius Orphanage to provide sponsorship services to the schools under their community school sponsorship.

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About Us

Proven Capacity

Charter School Specialists was founded in 2004 by Dave L. Cash after serving as an charter school education consultant for the Ohio Department of Education.  Dave's experience also includes eight years of service as a principal working with urban at-risk children.

Today, Charter School Specialists employs a team of more than 20 staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise leveraged in support of partner schools across Ohio.   

Charter School Specialists assists developers, education management organizations, and school districts. The CSS team provides technical assistance related to the development of charter school applications and contracts, and guides developers through the charter school start-up process. We provide technical assistance to charter schools from pre-operation planning, through early operations, and ongoing school improvement and data management.

Charter School Specialists has assisted in the successful development and implementation of more than 80 schools. CSS has an excellent reputation within Ohio's charter school movement and exists to provide value to the school choice public education system.

Dave L. Cash

Lisa Biederman
Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Christine Burke
Vice President of Special Education

Brian Dunbar
Director of Sponsorship

Carla Isaac
Special Projects Director

Delores Junior
Northern Ohio Regional Representative

Robert Lotz

Angie Mann
Educational Programs Assistant

Steve Schultheis
Chief Fiscal Officer

Tammie Osler
General Counsel

Kim Dunlap
Fiscal Support Specialist

Kerry Jupina
Director of College and Career Readiness

Susan Lenox Scarponi
Director of Special Education Program Compliance 

Michelle D'Amico
Director of Federal Programs

Dan Lamb

Frank Stoy
Operations Coordinator

Porsche Chisley
School Improvement Coordinator

Joni Hoffman
Compliance Coordinator

LaShawn Terrell
School Improvement & Compliance Coordinator

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